Just a Minute

What's involved?

Make a visit, take a photo, upload it onto your favourite social media site -- done!

You can take part in this Volunteer challenge as often as you like, accepting the challenge tells us that you are doing it! and usinf #sharethejoy enables us to track your volunteer contribution. Thank you!

Why get involved?

Letting us know about the artworks / exhibitions / displays you love helps by:

  • Contributing to our evaluation of TWAM venues and collections.
  • Making our collections more accessible to digital viewers.
  • Let's us know you visited and encourages others to visit too.

Taking part in challenges supports Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums by:

  • Helping us to understand the impact in time and value of the efforts of our volunteers
  • Allowing us to recognise and reward the work of volunteers

How to get involved?

Step 1: Sign up or log in.

Step 2: Accept the challenge.

Step 3: Make a visit to one of our museums or galleries.

Step 4: Use your phone to take a photo of something you like, then share it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (don't forget to tag the museum you visited).

step 5: add #sharethejoy so we can track your volunteer contribution

Step 6: Challenge completed!

Ideal Skills

  • Photography
  • Social Media

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