Just a Minute


Just a Minute

These micro-volunteering challenges can be completed anytime and anywhere -- in less time than it takes to boil the kettle! Giving a few minutes of your time can make a big difference and these challenges are a great way to engage with a community of people who care about culture and heritage.


Challenge 1

Visit Circus and give us feedback!

Come and see our exciting exhibition and give us feedback about it. Come and see rare memorabilia and original props about 250 years of circus in Great Britain

Challenge 2

Share a suggestion

We want to hear from you!

Challenge 3

Dive in!

Use our Collections Dive discovery search engine, then share what you find.

Challenge 4

Tweet Tweet

Follow us on Twitter to join the cultural conversation and stay in the know.

Challenge 5

Sign up as a Volunteer for TWAM

It's easy!

Challenge 6

Post a photo

Take a photo of something you've enjoyed on your visit, then share it on social media.