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Nailed It!!! – By Karl Hardy

Friday 8th September 2017


The Bainbridge project is now complete.
Back in March I had a discussion about whether or not coal and iron nails were roman. I learned from research, they are, in fact, Roman. My volunteering certainly makes for some interesting conversation!
I enjoyed the Bainbridge project. I learned a lot and the role was flexible. I even completed a short Gateshead project, rearranging Bottle Bank into the correct order on the shelving in the Bulk Finds room in the basement of Segedunum. Organisation is extremely important in archaeology.

My latest additional role involved sorting through boxes of animal bone (with shell mixed in, rather randomly!) and making a word processed record of it, making observational notes of anything particularly interesting about the finds. There were 127 bones were in one bag, an incredible amount of bone.
A total of eight boxes needed looking through and listing. I managed to get through two large boxes in one day. I finished off the final box yesterday (7th September 2017) and re-checked the others, bringing the project to a positive conclusion. I will meet with Alex Croom next week to officially conclude the project.

Just like when I completed my Travel & Tourism qualification at All Saints College, reaching the end is rewarding, especially when you’ve enjoyed the journey and got the desired result. I achieved a Distinction grade, of which I will forever be proud! The journey and what you learn along the way, like my short time at Burnside College and my Applied Science and IT courses at All Saints College, make it worthwhile regardless of the outcome.

The end result doesn’t have to be positive, but my Bainbridge project and Gateshead project volunteering has got a positive end, and I’m pleased to say, my archaeology volunteering has not ended yet. I’m always learning. I am keen to keep learning as much as possible, even if the knowledge is rarely or never needed.

I started volunteering for TWAM in 2015 for many reasons. I’ve gained more than I could ever have imagined. I am just as proud of my achievements with TWAM as my Distinction grade from four years ago! I have a lot to show for my just over two years of volunteering. I am keen to complete an NVQ Level 2 in Customer Service as another massive achievement (I studied Customer Service in the Travel & Tourism industry and part of my Travel & Tourism qualification, but a competency based qualification is even better!). Archaeology was something I wasn’t sure about to begin with, but I am pleased I recognised I had the skills, and the desire to learn, which ultimately lead me to take on the role back in February and see the projects through to their end this month, with more archaeology coming up, I hope!
In many ways, it is safe to say, I’ve nailed it!



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    twmuseums_usr8th Sep 2017

    Thank you so much for this post Karl. Its great that you got to see something all the way through to completion. You have really been part of that story. As an ex archaeologist I know you must feel the tremble, just like I would. Thank you for sharing.

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