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Volunteer Collections and Research Assistant - Hatton Gallery

The Hatton gallery re-opened in Autumn 2017. It is a vibrant and modern exhibition space bringing about a new era for art and learning in the city.

Even though the Hatton was closed until autumn 2017, the Hatton still had a presence in the city. A temporary pavilion which showcases the Hatton’s history and Collection will tour around six different locations in Newcastle and Gateshead beginning in spring 2017.

As a collections and research volunteer we would like you to work with the Keeper of Art to research the collections, the history of the Hatton, and/or the Hatton archive and to assist the Art Team with archiving and cataloguing the collections, including use of the collections management system Emu


What's involved?

To build a dedicated team, we would like volunteers to be able to;

  • commit to at least one 4 hour afternoon session per week
  • Ideally we would ask for 6 months minimum involvement

As one of our volunteer team we would like you to:

  • Invigilate the Hatton’s new Public Study Space, ensuring the safety of the collections and visitors
  • Provide support and advice to aid members of the public in their research
  • Practice safe object-handling and show others how to handle the works in the collection safely, including paintings and works on paper

What we would love you to bring to the role:

  • An interest and passion in the gallery and a desire to share this with others
  • Active engagement with our collection and all our visitors
  • Enjoy meeting and chatting to people from all cultural background.

Why get involved?

This is a rare opportunity to work with the Art team of the Hatton gallery to research and assist with the shaping of this redevelopment of a gallery.

You will be able to work alongside Museum professionals and gain insight into whats 'behind the scenes' of a public space. Gaining workshadowing experience and training as you go.

It will look wonderful on a CV!

*Please note: we are happy to cover any volunteer transport costs involved with this role.


How to get involved?

We expect this to be a highly sought after role so,

1. Log in or sign up to Volunteer for TWAM.

2. Accept this challenge.

3. Await a response from our team.

Ideal Skills

  • Working with Museum Collections
  • Archiving and documentation
  • Project Management
  • Research
  • Independent working
  • Working as part of a team

Ideal Interests

  • Fine Art
  • Arts and crafts
  • Contemporary Art
  • Reading
  • Quiet working
  • Volunteering from home

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