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All the Fun of the Fair


This marvelous exhibition has had it time at Discovery Museum extended, and I can't tell you how great that is! The gallery is as popular as ever with young and old, and tells the story of the Hoppings, which everyone in the North east will have a memory or a story to tell.

All the Fun of the Fair will now run until March 2018, so there is plenty of time to get involved!

This is a major new exhibition currently being developed for Discovery Museum’s summer programme, celebrating All the Fun of the Fair. This vibrant exhibition, jam packed with hands-on exhibits, lots of nostalgic photos, video footage, personal memories and much, much more, will chart the thrills and spills of Newcastle’s Hoppings funfair, from its origins in the Victorian temperance movement to the adrenaline seeking experience of today. We’d be delighted to welcome enthusiastic, approachable volunteers to help out in the exhibition, which runs from 3 June until about September 2017.

What's involved?

Volunteers will be based in the exhibition space (in The Gallery on the ground floor, just round the corner from the Discovery Museum gift shop) during the Museum’s regular opening hours (Mon-Fri 10am-4pm, Sat-Sun 11am-4pm).

The exhibition will feature a wonderful collection of vintage coin operated amusement machines (dating from about the turn of the last century, through to about 1970). One of the main aspects of the volunteer role will be to sell pre-decimal 1 penny coins to visitors, enabling them to play on the amusement machines. Volunteers should be comfortable approaching visitors and interacting with them, as well as handling cash. Another aspect of the role will be to keep a general eye on the exhibits, helping to ensure that the machines are not misused, and also to report any issues that may arise, to museum staff.

Volunteers will be asked to commit to a regular pattern of full days or part days, arranged in advance. This could, for example, be one full day a week / fortnight, or several half days a week / fortnight, etc. We are happy to be flexible, depending on your availability and fitting around any prior commitments you may have, etc.


Why get involved?

A great opportunity to interact with the public in a fun, hands on role, and to build customer service and cash handling experience. With 50 or so vintage amusement machines and much, much more, the exhibition promises to be anything but dull!

*Please note: we are happy to cover any volunteer transport costs involved with this role. 

How to get involved?

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E-mail Adam Bell (curator of the exhibition) directly at Discovery Museum, to express your interest. Please include a sentence stating why you would be suited to this role. You can e-mail Adam at


Ideal Skills

  • Working as part of a team
  • Independent working
  • Money Handling
  • Customer Service
  • Working with Museum Collections

Ideal Interests

  • Gaming
  • Working with the public
  • History
  • Meeting new people

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