Just a Minute

Fact of the Day

Help our History team by contributing to a crowdsourced collection of interesting historical facts which they will use to create new and unusual content for our social media channels.

If you can find historical facts with a North East flavour, thats all the better.

You are welcome to take part in this challenge as often as you like, once started it will be difficult to stop!

How to get involved?

  1. Log in or sign up to Volunteer for TWAM.
  2. Accept this challenge.
  3. Click here to generate a random date for you to research.
  4. Go forth and research! Find something fascinating/weird/unbelievable/significant about that day -- could be an event (local, national, global), a fact about a person, an invention, a discovery, or something that is celebrated on that day (May 4th: Star Wars Day, anyone?) -- whatever strikes your fancy!
  5. Add your fact to our tumblr page: https://history-fact-of-the-day.tumblr.com/ (just click Submit Your Historical Fact of the Day to post)

Ideal Skills

  • Writing
  • Research

Ideal Interests

  • Volunteering from home
  • Quiet working
  • History
  • Computers and Technology