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"If you lived here..." assistant

‘If You Lived Here…’ is the installation of a UNHCR (United Nations High Commission for Refugees) Shelter and public engagement programme of workshops

The installation and public engagement programme of workshops and events will run across 3 days from Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th June. It aim to ‘open up’ dialogue, provoke thoughts and encourage empathy and understanding in the way we experience one of the most important contemporary global challenges brought to our homes on a daily basis.

The ‘shelter’ is a symbol of an ever-increasing need for a basic, universal human right and the mass human displacement for those who have had to leave their homes due to war, persecution, famine, poverty and natural disaster. How does this make us feel? And what role can the shelter at the museum play in creating a better understanding of the world we live in through culture and heritage.

The associated themes interweaving the project related to displacement, survival, home, globalisation, human rights, social justice, empathy.

We would like volunteers to support us in a 3-day programme engaging family and general audiences at Discovery.

The project and programme is part of:

Try New Things (TNT) a new initiative at TWAM to develop innovative research & development projects exploring new ideas to engage new and existing audiences.

What's involved?

We need you to have an enthusiasm in communicating the project and programme, and its rationale and Discovery Museum’s commitment to social justice.

Working alongside Discovery Museum staff as well as artists and freelancers to support a programme of ‘interactions’, creative workshops and events in the shelter and in Discovery Museum spaces.

Ensure the health and safety of visitors and care of the shelter and alert staff of your concerns.

Capture and pass on visitor feedback to an appropriate members of staff.

Why get involved?

As a Volunteer on this project you will:

  • Receive orientation, information and training from Outreach Officer and programme staff.
  • Gain/Contribute knowledge about key issues, ideas and creativity from programme staff, artists and partners including audiences
  • Become part of the Discovery Museum’s, TWAM’s valued network of volunteers

Taking part in Volunteer Maker challenges supports Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums by:

  • Helping us to understand the impact in time and value of the efforts of our volunteers
  • Share and exchange your valuable knowledge and experience

Training of volunteer: There is approximately a 2 hours training for this role in early June. Date to be confirmed.

  • Please ask for details if you are interested in this volunteer role.
  • Volunteers will be asked to commit to a regular pattern of full days or part days, arranged in advance. 
  • This challenge will allow us to recognise the work of volunteers within our Museums and our communities.


How to get involved?

1. Log in or sign up to Volunteer for Us.

2. Accept this challenge.

E-mail directly at Discovery Museum, to express your interest. Please include a sentence stating why you would be suited to this role. You can e-mail Kath at


Ideal Skills

  • Working as part of a team
  • Independent working
  • Customer Service

Ideal Interests

  • Working with the public
  • Outdoor Work
  • Meeting new people
  • Community Work