Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Get to know our friendly staff and enjoy these short films created by some of our amazing volunteers! If you'd like to create your own short film about your experience of being a volunteer, we can show you how! Get in touch with Anita to find out more.

Anita Moffitt, Volunteer Coordinator

I have worked in Museums for... well, seems like forever! But it's actually from since I graduated in 1996.

I have worked in a number of departments (for TWAM) and other Museum services in the UK, but everything I have done has been around people, communities and increasing participation in the wonderful resource of 'Our Heritage'.

I love what I do and I hope that you will too. Come and join our team.



Digital Stories from our Volunteers

Introducing Michael Mein, Voluneer at Discovery Museum


Why our Volunteers do what they do.

 - some feedback from our volunteers past and present.